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Thread: Ada - WDYT?

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    I love Ada, on its own and as a nickname for Adela/Adelia. My favorite combo is Ada Virginia.

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    I prefer the Spanish ODD-uh to the English AID-uh, but both are pleasant.

    I like Ada Sabine, or Ada Joelle, or most two-syllable names with the accent on the second syllable, like Tamar, or Esme, or Raquel.

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    It's cute but has a lot of teasing potential (ie ' you ATE A what?')

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    I know a girl named Ada; she pronounces it ODD-uh, which I highly prefer over AID-uh or ADD-uh. I think it's a lovely name.
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    I don't like it at all.

    Ada sounds like "atta". Ada Girl = Atta Girl.

    A former friend has a daughter Ada Lynn. Starting to get more and more popular.

    I don't understand it. There are so many beautiful long names. It's such a shame to be reduced to three letters.

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