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    My last name starts with M too and kinda of ruled out B names as well for the initials BM butI think that is because my grandparents/parents always said that instead of poop or whatever other names it can be called. So I think that is why I had a strong association with it but it is good to hear others opinions on this!

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    My DH's initials are BAB, but his name is Bram and we call him Bam Bam all the time as a nickname. I really don't think initials are that big of a deal at all. My brother's initials are BM and I teased him a couple of times when we were kids, but I am pretty sure I was the only person who made fun of his initials ever.
    D.S. lil Bam Bam

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    I have a cousin with the initials BAM and we call him Bam Bam occasionally but I wouldn't say its a probably. His little brother gets called Sam because its his initials when his first name isn't even close to having Sam as a nickname.

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    I think it's great! And if her personality doesn't match up with the elegance of Brigid, you can nickname her Bam Bam :-)

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    I think BAM is kinda fun. The only initials I would worry about is if it spelled like FAT or GAS or COW or something negative like that. But just because it spells a word doesn't necessarily make it bad initials. Most people don't even pay attention to initials.

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