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    should initials BAM be a deal-breaker?

    I got a lot of positive feedback on the combo Brigid Adele a couple of weeks ago...and then I realized our last name starts with M. BAM! Do you think that's a problem? My husband is 100% set on Brigid and Adele is meant to honor his grandmothers, since our 1st daughter is named for mine. Would you keep it since it has significance or should I come up with something else? My BFF growing up has the initials BRO and I don't remember it ever being much of a problem for her. BAM isn't any worse than that, is it?

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    I don't think it's that bad. When thinking of baby names though, I always think of the initials. However, if you truly love the name then I would go for it- there are worse initials, trust me.
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    BAM is a pretty good set of initials - I think if anyone, especially kids, noticed, they would think it's cool.
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    I love Brigid Adele and BAM makes me think of great things like fireworks, Emeril Lagasse's tasty food, and excitement!

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    BAM is a pretty bad*ss set of initials, imo! Go for it!
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