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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I kind of agree with this. I don't think it actually sounds evil, but it's not a nice boy name. Lucien/Lucian/Lucius are on the edge names, people in the twilight. Between good and bad, edgy, interesting, fascinating, hypnotising, enthralling...
    This is exactly the vibe I get from Lucien, Lucian, Lucius.....these boys are seductive....but you can never tell....they might be bright and powerful and good, or they might be dark stars.....which does go back to Lucifer's story.

    But of course, all it takes is one adorable little Lucien in your life to alter the name for you personally! If you love the name, I'd go with it. I am not a fan of alliteration in sibsets, though, so if you are considering Lucien to be Leo's little brother, I'd vote no.
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    Vaguely evil, yes. Sorry. Brothers Leo and Lucien, it's okay if you're into matchy names, but I'm not, and it's really matchy - like brothers I know named Ethan and Aidan.

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    Lucien/Lucian/Lucius (can't decide which!) are among my favorite boy names, so I don't think of Lucien as evil. I find I'm agreeing with those who say he's on the edge. These names do not feel sunny, like Mason, Ethan or Jamie. They feel powerful, either for good or for evil--intense, subtle, intelligent.

    Leo and Lucien are a bit matchy for my personal taste, but if you like the shared initial and same syllable count, go for it anyway. They aren't like Coleson and Carson (twins I know ) or Jayden and Kayden.
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    I was here to say no, but when I think about it I do hear similarities to Lucifer & Damien.

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    I think it's charming.

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