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    Baby due in late July, gender unknown

    Me and my husband are expecting a baby in about three weeks, and we're stumped on names. The middle name would be Orson for a boy, after my father, and Jean for a girl, after my husband's mother. We love the name Willa for a girl except for both of us are positive Willa Jean is a character in some book. Leo would be lovely for a boy, but it's not perfect. Any ideas for the middle names given? Last name is Scottsfield-Trump. Thank You!

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    I just googled Willa Jean and got a reference to Ramona the Brave -but I had to google it. Would you call her Willa Jean all the time or just Willa? Other possibilities:
    Willow Jean -similar sound, but doesn't have the book reference
    Esther Jean -I have a friend with this name.
    Adelaide Jean
    Kathryn Jean
    Elizabeth Jean
    Charlotte Jean
    Eleanor Jean
    Priscilla Jean

    For a boy:
    William Orson
    Theodore Orson
    Nathaniel Orson
    Luke Orson
    Jude Orson
    Samuel Orson
    Alexander Orson

    I hope that can help
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    Yes, I think Willa Jean might be a friend/acquaintance of Ramona's in the books, but that doesn't seem like a big deal. Willa Jean is cute.

    If you don't want to go with that, you might like Willow or Della.
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    Oooh... Loving Willow and Theodore. They even go well together. I'll ask my husband in a moment. Thanks!

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