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    Opinions on our Top Ten!

    Hi everyone! DH and I took a few days to really get down to business--we talked to some of our family and friends and we finally came up with our top girls names!! A few more than we have for boys (7 more to be exact!) but at least it's a start!

    Please give us your opinions--don't hold back! Middle name is to be Pearl.


    Thanks so much!

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    Love Elodie - it's on my top girls list as well! Also, like Eloise, Juliet, Mariella and Lucia. Not a fan of Ginerva and Raphaela. Both don't have a feminine quality I like for a girl. Good luck choosing a name!
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    Caterina - not in love, but it's a pretty and versatile name
    Lucia - very nice! I love this name, especially with the lovely nickname lucy and the meaning of 'light'
    Cosima - I really like this - the meaning is cute, and could yield some adorable nicknames as well
    Ginevra - I like Harry Potter as much as the next person, but this is too much for me. I much prefer Geneva or Genevieve.
    Mariella - whether prn with a mair or mar sound at the beginning, I do like this. it's a solid and charming name, but not knocking my socks off
    Raphaela/Raffaela - I agree with pp in saying that it's not feminine enough. some feminized male names work independently, but Raphaela isn't the best.
    Calla - LOVE. I adore this obscure flower name for its simple elegance and cute nickname of Callie. I approve!
    Elodie - I am neutral to this name. Whenever I say it, it always feels like Melody without the M. That's just me. Not a fan.
    Eloise - very cute! Reminds me of the little girl from the hotel, full of charm and spunk.
    Juliet - some say it's overdone, but I think it holds its own. I really like Juliet!

    You have great names on your list! You really can't go wrong!

    Amaryllis * Holiday * Cordelia * Waverly * Seraphina * Calliope * Olympia * Zephyrine * Genevieve * Marguerite

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    First of all, I LOVE Juliet, Eloise, and Elodie!! All three are on my list of absolute favorites. If I were picking my top three from your list, it would be these!

    Caterina: not my fave-i prefer Catherine (this could be because it makes me think of Katerina Kittycat from Mr.Roger/Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood)
    Lucia: way better than Caterina imo, but I prefer Lucy
    Cosima: even though this name has never crossed my radar, I actually REALLY like it
    Ginevra: i don't really like it; i'd prefer the similar sounding Genevieve
    Mariella: a distinctive and beautiful alternative to the more popular -ella names
    Raphaela/Raffaela-if you pick this one i would DEFINITELY go with the Raphaela spelling. Raffaela makes me think of a raffle, while Raphaela is sophisticated and pretty. Still not my fave because I associate it immediately with the boy name Raphael (although the painter and the angel are not bad namesakes to have haha); ditto Mariella, but I think Raphaela is less wearable
    Calla: simple but pretty
    Elodie:LOVE; I'm hard pressed to decide between Elodie and Eloise; "El" names are some of my favorites; I think both are beautiful yet spunky and they just sound great; Elodie rolls of the tongue a bit better, I think
    Eloise:LOVE; ditto Elodie; i love the way this name is princessy without being prissy or froufrou imo
    Juliet:LOVE; all i can say is I love this name!!! I can't even think of a logical reason-i just always have and always will i think
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