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Thread: Rupert?

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    Rupert does still feel a bit old-man, but is charming and appealing in the way an old book or vintage clothing can be. It brings to mind the image of a sophisticated and buttoned-up English gentleman. I didn't think of anyone in particular until you mentioned the actors, and I've never heard of Rupert Bear (I'm in Canada).
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    American... I automatically think of Rupert Grint, and Anthony Stewert Head (He played Rupert Giles in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.) I love love love it. I would consider it for my own child if my DH liked it at all. He has already shot it down though.
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    Rupert is wonderful and is one of my favourite boys names.

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    Buffy was my first thought! I'm a pom living in Australia and I went to school in Oxfordshire with a very sweet, earth shatteringly posh little Rupert. I think it fits in well with the Sebastian, Jasper and Felix trend among my English friends.
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    Not my personal style, but still a nice name.

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