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Thread: Rupert?

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    flybella Guest
    Am I the only American who's familiar with Rupert Bear?

    I LOVE Rupert! Adore it. Completely. I would use it in about 3 seconds, haha. (And he would probably be called Rupert Bear as my nickname was Little Bear my whole life). I say go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flybella View Post
    Am I the only American who's familiar with Rupert Bear?
    Yes, apparently. Also not British, but I agree that it is becoming more usable. I would have thought it much more strange when I was a kid than now... Rupee could be a cute nn, too.
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    I'm a huge fan of Rupert!

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    Eh, I don't know. I think it's a bit much. It's like calling your son Reginald. Rupert sounds like he has a weak chin and wears leather gloves and flying goggles, and hangs out in a British gentlemen's club.

    Not a fan, personally.

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    Thanks for all your responses. Glad to see that many people feel the same way about Rupert as I do!

    For those asking who Rupert Bear is, he's a comic book character who has been around in England since the 1920's. He's a white bear who wears a red sweater, yellow checked trousers and a yellow scarf. He has adventures with his friends, who are mainly woodland animals and a few humans, although from memory there's also a dragon and a pixie/elf that he hangs around with. He's also had children's books written about him and a TV series or two, all aimed at young children. Always returns home from said adventures safe and sound, and in time for supper!

    @tk - I think to be honest that adults in the UK would have a stronger association with Rupert Bear than most children would, as I'm not even sure whether he's a prominent character on kid's TV these days. I guess it would be kind of like naming them after a Sesame Street character in the sense that Rupert is a character that many people of my generation would have read/watched from a very young age growing up.

    @smismar - I completely forgot about Stewie's teddy in Family Guy. That makes me like it even more!
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