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    I would love to comment on this name again. I think it is beautiful! Its classic and lovely,well put together. I am having a Lydia myself (Grandmothers name) and am also using Atalaya (pronounced like Maya). We have had to choose between the names we love most and the classic name with a beautiful flow. I am sad that I can't have both. This is a beautiful name and if I were you I wouldn't change a thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    Eva Lydia IS very lyrical. It seems like it would build up to the surname well. Sometimes those one-syllable names in the second-middle spot just feel awkward once you tag the surname on, but it depends a lot on the name. Emmeline Eva Lydia?
    Very true. I've noticed before how much I love the flow of some of my combos (like Arianne Eleanor Kate!), and then I add the surname on. It almost sounds complete as it is, without the surname attached, but I think that's just because I don't know anyone with more than one middle name. It has the same flow as something like Lydia Catherine Jones. That being said, I think it sounds fine with my surname, which is quite similar to Roberts. Catherine Lydia Eve "Roberts"? I think it sounds fine, and I don't think Catherine Eva Lydia "Roberts" sounds any better.

    I am quite set on Emmeline Poppy for my Emmeline combo, but you've gotten me quite torn as far as my Eva combo goes! I thought I was in enough of a pickle with deciding between Eva Felicity Claire and Eva Clara Elisabeth (which is sort of a play on a name in my family tree, Anna Clara Elizabeth, which I find so gorgeous), but I don't think I could not add Eva Lydia [insert name here!] as a contender as well! Eva Lydia is... och, I love it. I'm just not sure what to put after it. Eva and Lydia aren't family names, so I'd like to include a family name, but I feel like I need something long and classic after Eva Lydia... like Elisabeth. And most of my family names are short and sweet... I'd post a poll, but I'm about 95% sure the Berries would pick Eva Felicity Claire over the more rhymey Eva Clara or Eva Lydia.
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