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    The boys list so far.

    Also made a thread in the girls section!

    Basically I'm new, have been lurking for a long time but never made an account but now I thought I would. Better late than never, eh?

    I'm due on July 24th so we don't have long to go now! If it helps, my name is Aimee, my husband is Win (Edwin) and we have one angel baby boy called Ignatius Evander Piet (Peet).

    Our boys list so far is:
    Orlando - I really love this.
    Calder - This one I've liked less everyday but DH still likes it.
    Abraxas - Would you pronounce this Ah-Brax-as or Abe-rax-as?
    Cassiel - Cass-Ee-elle

    Some middles we might use. Some of these are repeats which we might use as a middle if we dont use it as a first. (We want 2 middle names like Ignatius' name):
    Thor - So cool

    So we'd like some combo ideas w/ two middles as me and DH aren't good with flow so we need some inspiration, and we're interested to hear your opinions on our list along with some suggestions if you have any!

    Thank you in advance.

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    First off, I love the name Ignatius! And Evander! So hopefully I have a similar style to you. I've bolded the ones I particularly like:

    Orlando - I love this too! It's got a good ring to it, and has the same archaic flair as Ignatius
    Arlo - Makes me think of Arlo Guthrie, and it's a little lacking compared to Ignatius
    Calder - As in cauldron? No thanks
    Leander - goes very nicely with Ignatius, but I find it a little squirmy and soft
    Leonardo - Also goes with Ignatius, but I feel it's just a cheesy way to modernize Leonard (even though I know it's not)
    Cyprian - is he from Cyrpus?
    Oberon - It sounds fat. Maybe it's because I don't like the letter B
    Percival - This would go lovely with Ignatius and has the cute nn Persie. Only drawback: purses
    Emrys - too many Emilys running around still
    Abraxas - I would pronounce it ah-bracks-is. Seems a little heavy; the X sounds like someone getting their head chopped off
    Amadeus - Not bad. Would go nicely with Ignatius, but Ama sounds feminine to me
    Cassiel - Will be mistaken for a female as Cassie-elle

    Hero - Glad this is in the middle. Still a little over-the-top for me though
    Emrys - this would be nice in the middle since he wouldn't be an "em"
    Peregrine - love in the middle! Orlando Peregrine - that sounds nice
    Thor - Orlando Peregrine Thor. That sounds awesome, even though I think Thor is a little over-the-top
    Jethro - not bad. Feels a little lacking compared to your others, but some softness wouldn't hurt
    Phoenix - too connected to the city for me, but I suppose it's nice in the middle
    Apollo - love! Musical and the right amount of softness. Percival Apollo. That sounds nice as well.
    Chet - lacking in everything. Plus I knew a Chet I didn't like
    Ivo - Nice archaic flair, but I'm not sure if it's eye-vo or ee-vo. I suppose if it's in the middle it doesn't matter as much
    Macario - don't like the "car" part
    Olivier - got to love French flair
    Wilfred - I'm a big sucker for old people names Maybe Percival Wilfred Apollo.
    Artemis - um...isn't this a goddess?
    Zephyr - would give a cool letter for the initial. Glad it's in the middle, though.

    So for combos, perhaps...
    Orlando Peregrine Thor
    Percival Wilfred Apollo

    (Now I'm just throwing stuff out there)
    Orlando Phoenix Olivier
    Percival Peregrine Jethro
    Orlando Wilfred Percival
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, Maura, Mil, Floss, Connor, David, and so many many more

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    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    jame1881 - Thanks! I love Orlando Peregrine Thor so much! Percival Wilfred Apollo, Orlando Phoenix Oliver, & Orlando Wilfred Percival are all also amazing, thanks so much!

    sansa_nanami - Thank you! I love Orlando Peregrine Chet, Calder Oberon Macario, Leonardo Peregrine Thor, Cyprian Wilfred Apollo, Oberon Artemis Zephyr and Amadeus Peregrine Ivo! They're all so handsome!

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    Whoa, your list is cool! Lots of names I love on here. Let me see... With Ignatius you need something with a certain oomph!

    Orlando - Such a good one. I love Orlando, romantic, fun, gorgeous, with lots of literature to back it up. I can't use it, so I'd be very happy if someone else did!
    Arlo - It's ok, but bland compared to most of your list.
    Calder - Boring, and so
    Leander - Love this one. The myth is fantastic, and I love Marlowe's poem.
    Leonardo - Da Vinci, Di Caprio? I like it, but prefer other Leo names. But it is a good one.
    Cyprian - Great sound, but it reminds me too much of Cyprus. Not a bad thing, it just seems a little weird.
    Oberon - LOVE! One of my absolute favourites off your list. Sexy, intriguing, strong and bold.
    Percival - Fun and dashing! Love me some Percival. Knightly, gorgeous...
    Emrys - Lovely, and I'm a big Arthurian romance fan, so yes please!
    Abraxas - uh-BRAK-suhs. Definitely cool and very very bold. I like it though, it's got many positive pagan associations.
    Amadeus - Mozart? Yes, it's cool. I actually really love this for you... it's fun and sweet and quirky. Familiar, yet unusual.
    Cassiel - Eeh. Seems a bit tame and feminine compared to some of the others.

    Some middles we might use. Some of these are repeats which we might use as a middle if we dont use it as a first. (We want 2 middle names like Ignatius' name):
    Calder - already commented on this one.
    Oberon - ^^
    Hero - Girl name!!!!!! So feminine, but if you must...
    Emrys - a.c.o.t.o.
    Peregrine - Heehee! I like this, mostly for its meaning, but it's a fine name.
    Percival - a.c.o.t.o.
    Thor - LOVE!
    Jethro - as in Tull? frog?
    Phoenix - Cool, but very in your face.
    Apollo - The Sun God. Lovely.
    Chet - Ah, it's okay. Doesn't sway me either way.
    Ivo - LOVE! Ivo is cute as a button.
    Macario - Weird, but it's fine.
    Olivier - Nice, I prefer just Oliver, but I like it all the same. Fine name.
    Wilfred - So cool! Love Wilfred.
    Artemis - this screams girl to me, I can't see it on a boy.
    Zephyr - Handsome and windy (haha!).

    My favourites:
    Amadeus Oberon Thor
    Percival Ivo Peregrine (Pip!)
    Orlando Peregrine Chet
    Emrys Wilfred Olivier
    Leander Wilfred Zephyr
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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