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    Congrats! July 24th is my birthday

    Mietta (Me-Ett-Ah) - Exotic while still pronounceable
    Cosima - How would you pronounce this one? I've heard different pr. but either way, I LOVE this with Ignatius
    Mariposa - Sweet
    Avalon - Feels a bit different from your other names, and more on trend with the Ava thing
    Clementine - No, not too fruity! Clementine is darling
    Calina (Cal-Eye-Nah) - I don't find this one as pretty as your others
    Penna - Reminds me of penne pasta
    Milena - Like it, don't love it
    Iona - In theory I like this, but it just doesn't sound nice to me. Also, it sort of starts an I pattern with Ignatius
    Alethea - Lovely, I also love Athena
    Leda - Sounds like a cleaning product (I think I'm thinking of Vileda)

    Mariposa (also as a middle) - I think I might prefer this in the middle
    Persephone - Love it, so beautiful
    Bird - I much prefer Birdie. Birdie feels cute and vintage to me while Bird just makes me think of Bird is the Word
    Reverie - Pretty
    Hespera - Again, lovely
    Apolline - Ah, more lovely!
    Seraphina - Beautiful
    Delphine - Don't love this one, but still pretty
    Willow - Reminds me too much of Willow Smith
    Phaedra - I prefer Phoebe
    Alba (& Albia) - Jessica Alba is all I think of
    Juno - Love Juno
    Avita - Sounds like a brand of some sort
    Valentina - I like a lot of V names, but this just isn't one of them. I much prefer Valentine. What about Viveca?

    Ignatius Evander Piet and...

    Cosima Juno Delphine
    Clementine Mariposa Willow
    Mietta Juno Appoline
    Alethea Persephone Juno
    Alethea Reverie Willow
    Cosima Reverie Delphine
    Cosima Persephone Willow
    Clementine Hespera Willow

    So, I guess my suggestions would be, for first names: Viveca, Sybil, Valentine, Marigold, Magnolia (oh, maybe to strong of a G sound with Ignatius), Lavinia, Athena, Cora, and Dahlia. For middle names: Birdie, Plum, Juniper, June, Melisande, Ianthe, Sophira, Sophronia, Phoebe, Viveca, and Valentine.

    Ignatius Evander Piet and...

    Athena Persephone June
    Clementine Sophira Plum
    Cosima Valentine Juno
    Alethea Persephone Willow
    Lavinia Apolline Birdie
    Sybil Hespera Juniper

    Good luck!

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    I think you have a great list! I love so many of them - Cosima Juno Delphine is awesome, and Mietta I love, too. I think my favorite choice is Mariposa Mietta Delphine, though...I like the alliteration, and the nn's Posey, or Mamie (MAripose MIEtta)...especially because Mamie and Amie is kind of cute for mother and daughter I also like the nn MIM - so cute. Persephone is great, too, and can also use the nn Posey. Good luck - you really can't go wrong.

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    Mietta (Me-Ett-Ah) - love it!
    Cosima - also big love
    Mariposa - dislike it
    Avalon - like it
    Clementine - Too fruity? - yes, too fruity
    Calina (Cal-Eye-Nah) - dislike
    Penna - dislike
    Milena - dislike
    Iona - dislike
    Alethea - like, prefer Aleta
    Leda - LOVE!

    Mariposa (also as a middle) - It's OK in the middle
    Persephone - lovely
    Bird - lovely
    Reverie - dislike
    Hespera - lovely
    Apolline - lovely
    Seraphina - lovely
    Delphine - dislike
    Willow - It's OK
    Phaedra - dislike
    Alba (& Albia) - prefer Alba
    Juno - it's OK
    Avita - it's OK
    Valentina - dislike

    Cosima Hespera Willow
    Leda Persephone Bird
    Avalon Mietta Apolline
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I think Mietta is stunning, and should continue to be your number one
    As for the middle names, I like Hespera and Valentina.

    Good luck!
    XOXO Whillemina
    Crazy and Happy Name-Obsessed Teen
    Kirrily, Rosalind, Tamsin, Josephine

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    Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to Nameberry.

    I think these names would be lovely.


    I like these middle names:


    Combo Suggestions

    Mietta Juno Delphine
    Cosima Persephone Willow
    Clementine Alba Persephone
    Iona Willow Delphine
    All the best,

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