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    Our girls list. We need as much help as we can get!

    Hi, this is my first post. I've been lurking for a while collecting names for my child who is due on July 24th. So after putting it off for a long time, I decided to make an account and ask for opinions/suggestions, considering we don't have long left at all now! (Approx 24 days which is nerve-racking and exciting at the same time!)

    If it helps any, my name is Aimee and my husband's name is Win (Edwin). We also have an angel baby boy called Ignatius Evander Piet (peet)

    Our girls list so far is:
    Mietta (Me-Ett-Ah) - This is our top name right now.
    Clementine - Too fruity?
    Calina (Cal-Eye-Nah)

    We have some middle name ideas (we'd also like 2 middle names for this baby, like Ignatius' name.) We have:
    Mariposa (also as a middle)
    Alba (& Albia)

    Anyway, I'd love it if you could try and make some combos with these names as my husband and I seem to suck with making names flow, and we'd also appreciate any other thoughts and some suggestions!

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    Just commented on your boys list, so I figured I'd do the girls. Again, I'm bolding the ones I particularly like.

    Mietta - there's nothing wrong with it. I find it too...airy for my tastes.
    Cosima - I like the potential nn Cozy. Not bad, but feels...awkward
    Mariposa - feels like a lot of name
    Avalon - Aveline feels more name-ish.
    Clementine - Yes, fruity. But still a lovely name, especially with Ignatius. Pronunciation of clem-en-teen will diminish fruit references
    Calina - like a recliner?
    Penna - seems too made up, especially compared to Ignatius
    Milena - see Mietta. I think I like Mietta better.
    Iona - make sure your last name isn't "pen" or "car" or some other inanimate object
    Alethea - I love this name! I don't even usually like "al" names, but the Thea makes it pretty. Goes well with Ignatius Although, I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it right (ah-lee-thee-ah?)
    Leda - lead a what?

    Mariposa - definitely better in the middle
    Persephone - love this name! Just cause. I tend to like the Greek "e"
    Bird - too blatant for my tastes. Although Clementine Bird sounds nice
    Reverie - ditto
    Hespera - The "h" is throwing me off. It's almost like Diaspora, but not...
    Apolline - not sure how to pronounce this. If it's ap-oll-een, it's pretty, but Apple throws me off.
    Seraphina - personal favorite But I agree on you with that it's middle name territory. Too frilly for the front.
    Delphine - Okay, but I'm not a fan of the letter "d"
    Willow - nice and soft sounding. Alethea Willow sounds nice. Now it just needs a strong second middle...let's see what we've got...
    Phaedra - I like it! I guess I like Greek names
    Alba (& Albia) - Not a fan of the letter b. Prefer Alma. Clementine Alma Bird. That sounds nice.
    Juno - Okay. Prefer June. The o's are for the boys.
    Avita - This sounds gorgeous, especially as Alethea Willow Avita or Clemetine Bird Avita.
    Valentina - eh. I've heard it one too many times as a first, but a middle might be nice.

    So, combos...
    Clementine Bird Avita
    Clementine Alma Bird
    Alethea Willow Avita

    Mietta Persephone Bird
    Mietta Phaedra Clementine/Mietta Clementine Phaedra

    Also, I accidentally typed Clementina once. How about Clementina? Less fruit connotation, same great sounds. Of course, that generates new combos, like...
    Clementina Reverie June
    Clementina Reverie Avalon
    (I feel like it needs the -ee sound, and Reverie is shorter than Persephone, as Clementina is already super long)
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    fiammetta Guest
    Congratulations! I LOVE the name of your son, absolutely gorgeous.

    Mietta - gorgeous, though I think it sounds mismatched next to Ignatius, not sure if that matters to you?
    Cosima - love, love, love! Ignatius and Cosima are lovely!
    Mariposa - so lovely, though I prefer this in the middle name spot.
    Avalon - not my style.
    Clementine - love this!!!! Also love the sound of Ignatius and Clementine.
    Calina - quite nice. I think this will get mispronounced as cal-ee-nah however.
    Penna - so cute! I'm not sure if this could work on an adult however.
    Milena - love this, so sleek and elegant.
    Iona - so lovely. Would love to meet a sibset of Ignatius and Iona.
    Alethea - gorgeous and sophisticated.
    Leda - love this, I have a friend named Leda.


    Mariposa - see Mariposa above.
    Persephone - absolutely love this!
    Bird - I prefer Lark or Wren.
    Reverie - not my style.
    Hespera - so gorgeous.
    Apolline - as above.
    Seraphina - as above.
    Delphine - nice enough, but I feel as though it's lacking something.
    Willow - LOVE yhis!
    Phaedra - so lovely.
    Alba (& Albia) - I prefer Alba to Albia. A lovely name.
    Juno - so gorgeous.
    Avita - not my style.
    Valentina - so so elegant.

    You have some great names on these lists, I can't wait to see what you choose.

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    Good job jame1881, I have to say you stumbled upon a really great name, Clementina! <3
    After reading through the options I have to give two thumbs up to your compilation:

    Clementina Reverie Avalon

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