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Thread: Martin

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    I like Martin but I also like the nickname Marty. Mars is too out there for me. Commodore seems odd as a name, it reminds me of commode.
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    I like both Martin, the middle and nn Mars. Go for it!
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    scarletrune - HAHAHAHA. Commode, eh? Commodore is a family name... hopefully most people will have the navy/Commodore 64 association before thinking of commode though, lol. I do wonder if Marty will grow on me when there's an actual baby. My husband worked with a fairly toxic woman named Marti, so that's where my hatred of Marty comes from.

    clocktower - Thanks!
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    Oh my goodness. First I thought Martin's really dull, but Martin Commodore's got swagger and sass! And Mars is an adorable nickname. Ivy & Mars, Ivy & Martin.

    By the way, I just saw in another thread that you can't use Clio! Oh no! I was almost certain that would be your future little baby... Well, well, Phoebe it is
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    I really love the name Martin. I see it as a classic, masculine name that is not only very wearable (fits a wide range of men), but will also age very well. Ilove that Commodore adds a bit of spice, and Mars makes an awesome nn. Ivy and Martin are quite an adorable sibset...
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