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  • Ivy Seraphina

    30 31.91%
  • Ivy Juliette

    64 68.09%
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    I think Ivy Jane has a nice ring to it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kashed22 View Post
    I think Ivy Seraphine flows better than Ivy Seraphina. I prefer the ph spelling. Also, Ivy Antonia popped into my head.
    Thanks, I was also thinking of potentially dropping the 'A' at the end of Seraphina and going with just Seraphine. Sounds less frilly maybe??

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    I voted for Ivy Juliette, but I agree that Ivy Seraphine would be beautiful.
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    I love them both!!! I imagine Ivy Juliette as a dark haired, spirited girl, and Ivy Seraphina as a blond haired, sweet tempered girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by b_star7 View Post
    Thanks All! I think we are getting closer to a decision

    Could anyone add/explain what kind of girl they imagine would carry each of these names Thank you!
    When I hear Ivy I envision so many positive qualities! It sounds regal to me, vintage and naturey, sort of fairy tale like, I can see it on a doctor or an artist, baby or adult...such a beautiful name!

    I'm not a real fan of ivy Juliette or seraphina though my vote would go to seraphina.
    I think either a short and sweet middle name to make Ivy feel more modern or edgy? Ivy Jane, ivy June, ivy grace, ivy mae
    I prefer something frillier...more whimsical
    Ivy Eleanor, Ivy Charlotte, Ivy Lillian, Ivy Alice
    Hope that helps!

    I know how tough it is to figure out just the right name!!

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