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  • Ivy Seraphina

    30 31.91%
  • Ivy Juliette

    64 68.09%
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    Smile Still stuck on MN for Ivy :/

    Ok so after posting a poll on some of my ideas for a MN for Ivy yesterday and receiving some reviews .. TBH I'm not sure I even like them anymore!!! :/ I think I would prefer something more romantic ethereal sounding for my lil girl but still strong (if that makes any sense) if you can think of any beautiful feminine names to match Ivy please let me know so far I like

    Ivy Seraphina
    Ivy Juliette


    ****Also could you please tell me what kind of little girl you would imagine would carry each of these names.. and if you would spell both Juliette and Seraphina as I have. Thanks so much for all your help!!****
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    I like Ivy Juliette, but if you are going on meaning, I don't think she is the strongest female out there (just dramatic)

    other suggestions:

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    Some more suggestions of what i consider strong/romantic/ethereal female names:

    Ivy Evangeline
    Ivy Aurora
    Ivy Freya
    Ivy Gwendolyn
    Ivy Seren
    Ivy Winona
    Ivy Morgana
    Ivy Guinevere
    Ivy Delphine
    Ivy Sabine
    Ivy Angelica

    Out of the two in the poll I think both are nice- Juliette is romantic and Seraphina to me is more spunky and ethereal. I really love the name Ivy and wish it didn't clash with my last name (last name ends in the same ee sound)

    Good luck and let us know what you end up picking.
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    Oh wow! I just suggested Ivy Juliet on your other post!

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    Juliette sounds more down-to-earth and props up Ivy a little bit. Seraphina is a bit too celestial and soft-sounding next to Ivy. Plus Ivy Juliette rolls off the tongue better.
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