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    Aliyah, yay or nay?

    I am thinking of naming my second daughter Aliyah. My first daughters name is Lilyana and our last name is very Italian with 4 syllables, ending with an A. My husbands pick is Luciana, but I think it's too similar to Lilyana.
    Please let me know what you think...Thank you for your thoughts!

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    I think they are both too close to Lilyana. At first glance Aliyah looks even closer to Lilyana than Luciana. What about just Lucia? Or Amaya or Amalia?

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    Because of the Y in "Aliyah" it seems even closer to Lilyana for me.

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    I agree with emsky, when I say them together it's a bit of a tongue-twister.
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    Yes, both are too close to Lilyana. Both would be a tounge-twister.
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