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Thread: Greta vs. Freya

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    I think Freya is more feminine, fragile, floaty. I prefer Greta. It's feminine in a different way - more strength and glamour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caspar1 View Post
    Freya is more feminine but Greta is more unusual - like them both.
    Same here...

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    I think Freya sounds a bit more feminine and Great just sounds too harsh for me like a very hard sound and Freya just has letters that seem to have a nicer flow and I also prefer the spelling Freja over Freya

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    Thanks all who have responded!! DH really loves Freya and I prefer Greta, so this was a great way to get some different opinions. It helped me grow in appreciation for the name Freya as well. @emsky, we have Eliza high on our list also! @sweetcaroline, I also like the Freja spelling better now that you mention it.

    Thanks again!


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    Honestly, I love them both! I have a Greta (age 5), and Freya was one of my favorite girl names for my third. My husband didn't like it at all, though. I feel that Greta is strong and no frills,but still very feminine with a bit of spunk. Freya is sweet, beautiful and exotic. I also find Freya a little spunky and fresh. It is a bit more delicate than Greta, which many people find "old" and harsh.

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