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    This or that - boys

    Hi all,

    To help us narrow down, can you say which you prefer out of each combination and why? Siblings are Luke, Elliot and Elizabeth "Libby" and surname is one syllable, begins in M ends in S.

    Jack or Jake/Jacob
    Samuel or Daniel
    Alexander or Adam
    Alfie or Freddie
    Matthew or Joseph
    Charlie or Connor
    Oliver or Isaac
    Harry or Thomas
    Reuben or Russell
    Nathan or William


    Mum to Luke and Elliot, stepmum to Libby. Baby #4 is currently being grown.

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    Jack- more classic, less popular, though on the rise
    Samuel- I think it sounds best with your other kid's names. And i love the nn Sam
    Adam- Once again, a classic. Not too popular, and works with with set
    Freddie- Honestly, not a fan of either, but Freddie seems slightly less cute-sy
    Joseph- works better with your set
    Charlie- Ages well and is a classic
    Isaac- I think Oliver sounds a little too close to Elliot
    Thomas- suits your set better
    Russell- once again, not a fan of either, Reuben just reminds me of a sandwich
    Nathan- Sounds good with your set and less popular than William. I think William and Elizabeth are a bit pretentious together.

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    Nathaniel nn Nate

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    Thanks mbrow222 and raquel.

    I really like Oliver and he would go by Ollie some of the time, would that still be too close? And I forgot to mention we're in the UK where names like Alfie, Freddie, Frankie are used without any longer form so even though they might seem cutesy to people in another country they don't to me, they're pretty normal.

    And what's Reuben got to do with a sandwich?
    Mum to Luke and Elliot, stepmum to Libby. Baby #4 is currently being grown.

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    Jack- This was so hard for me. I love both Jake and Jack equally. However, Jack's less common and that's important so that your little boy doesn't end up being Jake H. in the classroom.

    Daniel- I love the nickname Sam, but Daniel's the nicer full name IMO.

    Alexander- Personal reasons for this one. Every Alexander I've ever met has been intelligent and endearing, every Adam? Not so much.

    Alfie- UGH. I despise both of these names, but at least Alfie doesn't remind me of Freddy Krueger.

    Matthew- Honestly, Joseph's a fine name too, I guess I just prefer the nickname Matt to Joey/Joe. Though, you have much more interesting choices on this list than these two names.

    Charlie- I love, love, love Charlie! Besides, Connor's awfully trendy.

    Oliver- This one was easy. I love everything about Oliver and can't stand the look/sound of Isaac.

    Harry- Thanks to the prince and Mr. Styles, this name is prime for use. Also, it's worlds more interesting than old, dull Thomas.

    Russell- I'm indifferent to both of these names, so, honestly, you could go either way and have a perfectly nice name. I only chose Russell because I liked the nn possibility of Russ.

    William- My all time favorite boy name. However, had Nathan been Nathaniel, it would have given William a run for its money. (;

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