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    I still think Ollie and Elliot are a bit to similar, but if you and your partner like it, then go for it Its a great name. I'm Canadian, and here we have sandwiches that are called Reubens, so thats just what I think of.

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    Jack or Jake/Jacob I have a soft spot for 'Jake' as a first name.
    Samuel or Daniel Never liked Daniel.
    Alexander or Adam Alexander is very common, Adam is refreshing.
    Alfie or Freddie
    Matthew or Joseph Not a fan of Joseph.
    Charlie or Connor Connor goes better with sib set.
    Oliver or Isaac Isaac is less popular, sounds better with Elliot.
    Harry or Thomas
    Reuben or Russell
    Nathan or William
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    With siblings Luke, Elliot, and Elizabeth "Libby":

    or Jake/Jacob
    Samuel or Daniel
    Alexander or Adam
    Alfie or Freddie
    Matthew or Joseph**
    Charlie or Connor
    Oliver or Isaac**
    Harry or Thomas**
    Reuben or Russell
    Nathan or William**

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    Jack. I like Jacob, but I love Jack, and I quite strongly dislike (okay, hate) Jake. It just doesn't sound appealing to me at all.
    Samuel. At the moment. I adore Daniel, and in general, that's probably my favorite of the two, but I like Samuel for a FN more, and Daniel for a MN.
    Alexander. I like the feel of Adam, and the ties I have to it (my best friend in high school was an Adam), but I prefer Alexander for a name I would actually use (plus, Jack, Samuel, and Alexander would be fab for brothers!).
    Freddie. LOVE Freddie; don't see the appeal of Alfie. I would use Alfred, just to get to Freddie, haha.
    Matthew. I love Joseph, but I like Matthew much more.
    Charlie! The only Connor I've known is frankly awful, so I can't even consider it. I love Charlie, though; Charles nn Charlie is on my top 10.
    Isaac. I like Oliver, but I don't love it. And I've really been loving Isaac lately! I love the Biblical namesake, and the meaning! Plus, Isaac's just a really cool, really fun name.
    Thomas. Harry just seems too nicknamey for me. I like Henry or Harrison much more.
    Russell. I think. It's a family name that I've always liked as a middle, but I like Reuben, too (probably because my mom loves Reuben sandwiches, haha. And they're totally not just a Canadian thing.
    William. I like Nathan better for a FN; William seems sort of boring up front to me, but I love William in general--it's so classic and handsome and regal. Such a lovely name. And it goes so well with some of the others--Jack, Samuel, Alexander, Freddie/Frederick, Thomas, Russell, William, Isaac... I really love them all together.
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    Jack or Jake/Jacob - Jacob, by a long way. I find the name Jack is sooooo dull. I’ve never understood its popularity.
    Samuelor Daniel - Samuel
    Alexander or Adam - Love both of these names, but Adam is a little more unexpected, so it just wins
    Alfie or Freddie - I’m not keen on either, but Freddie just has the edge (I know a cat called Alfie, so I find it hard to picture on a person!)
    Matthew or Joseph - Tough one. Voting for Joseph, but only because I know a lot of Matt’s
    Charlie or Connor - Connor, although it’s not my favourite on the list
    Oliver or Isaac - Isaac
    Harry or Thomas - Thomas
    Reuben or Russell - Russell
    Nathan or William - William, but I really like Nathan too.

    Great list!
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