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    Trouble with initials

    We will be naming our daughter Eleni (many thanks to the berries that helped us pick that one!) and really want to use my first name (Evie) as her middle name as my name has a lot of family meaning. Unfortunately, the initials are EEL. We thought about putting a second middle name in there, but the names we liked started with V - making it EVEL which is even worse!!!
    1) Do you think she'll hate us if we give her a name with the initials "EEL"?
    2) If yes, please help with a second mn - last name is Laurie (and yes, I know there are a lot of "ee" sounds in there!)
    Thoughts so far:
    Eleni Evie Wren Laurie
    Eleni Evie Scotland Laurie (husband's family is Scottish)
    Eleni Evie Theadora Laurie
    Eleni Evie Jane Laurie (another family name)

    Open to suggestions as well.

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    Jane and Wren are both very nice in there!

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    I hate an extra middle name. EEL is not necessarily a bad sent of initials. You can always put the last initial in the middle which is common for females anyways. My husband's initials are BO. He never had any issues.

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    Jane. Hate to say it but I actually think Eleni Jane Laurie sounds much better without the Evie. Eleni Evie Laurie is three names in a row with the same ending. So if you are definitely keeping Evie, I would definitely break it up with a second middle.

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    How about something like Eleni Vera, Eleni Violet, Eleni Victoria, Eleni Viola, Eleni Vivienne a way to get Evie in there (E.V.)

    or randomly, Eleni Skye (as in Scotland's Isle of Skye)

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