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    Choose your favorite combo to help us narrow it down!...

    I am not pregnant but we are TTC so I have the urge to create a list of names. After suggestions from the berries we have a lot of middle options and would like to get it narrowed down to one or two. Which one do you like best....

    Emmanuelle Marie- Marie is my confirmation name.
    Emmanuelle Rose- I know its the ultimate filler name.
    Emmanuelle Ruby- the gem name given to me by my mother.
    Emmanuelle Juliet- Juliet is my mothers grandmother.
    Emmanuelle Isobel
    Emmanuelle Violet
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    Marie/Rose- Filler names. Wouldn't use. Though, I love Rose as a first name.

    Ruby- Never really liked the sound, but it is the most unique name featured.

    Juliet- Overdone.

    Isobel- My favorite. A lovely variation of Isabel. Though, there is a repeating "elle" sound in both names, which may or may not be a drawback for you. Personally, I think the repeating elles add flow.

    Violet- As much as I adore this name, I feel it's a little choppy with Emmanuelle and doesn't quite match up stylistically. It's also becoming quite popular.

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    Emmanuelle Rose or Ruby! A flower or a precious stone - gorgeous!

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    Emmanuelle Rose! The Rose is a nice cleancut change after the long first name. I think Emmy Rose is also a very cute NN, as well.
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    Emmanuelle Marie- okay
    Emmanuelle Rose- My favorite! A long name like Emmanuelle sounds best with a nice short mn. Rose is beautiful and classic.
    Emmanuelle Ruby- cute
    Emmanuelle Juliet- too long. it's a mouthful!
    Emmanuelle Isobel- too long/rhyme-y. it's a mouthful!
    Emmanuelle Violet- too long. it's a mouthful!
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