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    My Favorites : *Conrad, Elijah, Damien, Jared, Julian, Luca, Nico

    Favorite Possible Combos:
    Jared Clancy Wright
    Damien Nico Wright
    Luca Evander Wright

    Alfred (Freddie/Affie/Alfie) - NMS, dated.
    Arthur -NMS.
    Austin -I like this one.
    Bastien -Would prefer the full name, Sebastien
    Bram -Seems nicknamey
    Bryce - This is OK
    Christopher (Kit) -Not bad, seems plain vs. some of your other choices.
    Clancy -Would prefer this as a middle.
    Conrad -Love this.
    Cosmo -NMS
    Damien -Love this.
    Elijah -One of my favorite names.
    Emmett -OK
    Evander -Would prefer this as a middle.
    Finley -Too cutesy.
    Florian -NMS.
    Hansel -& Greta, he would get this quite often.
    James (Jem) -Don't like the nickname.
    Jared -Like this
    Jasper - NMS
    Jolyon -Not sure how to pronounce this one.
    Julian -Like this.
    Kai -Possible middle name.
    Keir -NMS
    Leo -Would be cute in the middle name slot.
    Lowell -Sounds incomplete.
    Luca -Love this.
    Lucian -No
    Navin -Sounds like a knock off of Gavin.
    Nico -Love.
    Noah -Like this.
    Okan -NMS.
    Oren - NMS.
    Otto -Like this.
    Rupert -Outdated.
    Sebastian -Like
    Theo -Would work better in the middle slot.

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    If you are trying to avoid alliterations with Wright, I would avoid "R" names rather than "W" names. Rupert Wright is more of an alliteration than a name like Warren Wright.

    Anyway, you have some great names on your list! My favorites are Arthur, Bastien, Bryce, Evander, Leo, Lucian, and Sebastian.

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    Thanks for opinions, I really do value them all!

    Bit of an update... We're expecting twins, so will need double the names and double the help!
    I know exactly what you mean 'september', but we don't really want the initials WW either... Sorry! We're quite picky!

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