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    I love Vada! Not a big fan of Leland, but the only one I know is a girl.

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    Sylvie is by far my favorite with Nora. They are just a perfect pair. I also really like Maggie with it. Something like Josephine is way too long to me next to Nora. Josephine would match if it were Eleanor. Others I might like with Nora are Amelia, Fiona, and Tess.

    For boys, the length is not an issue to me. Nora and Sebastian sounds good to me. The best fit in my opinion is Gavin. The only ones I don't care for either with Nora or just are Keith, Luca, John, Benjamin. My other suggestion would be Henry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sllah View Post
    On a side note, I was surprised you to say that Zoe is too polished! While I adore this name and have since I was a child, it feels the most trendy to me which makes me uneasy about using it.
    Ha! Although the 'vibe' associated with a name is somewhat consistent across a culture, we all have experiences that alters it for us personally. I was a teen in the seventies and Chloe perfume was ever so sophisticated! And Zoe was one step away and even more exotic and polished! I wouldn't say that Zoe is trendy any more than I would say Emily is....quite popular at this time, yes, but it's a name with staying power.

    Can't say that I like Vada....all I can hear is Darth Vader. How about Ramona, Marcella, Roxanne/a or Susannah?

    Leland.....not a fan, unless there's a family connection it sounds as if you are trying too hard. And Lee seems incomplete. Leo, yes. How about Griffin or Walter? Victor? Or one of the less trendy occupation names....Abbott, Fletcher, Deacon.....
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    Immediately, I thought of Bridget. It fits with Nora and Cathleen, as well as many of the boy names from your list (Ian, Gavin, Finn, Declan). For me, it's spunky but grown-up, and pretty without being froufrou.

    Ivy, Alice, and Margot are lovely as well. I really liked other people's suggestions of Amelia, Susanna/Susannah, Tess, and Fiona. As for boys, I think Luke rather than Luca would be a great choice, as well as Miles, Declan, and Sebastian. What about Liam, Daniel, Oliver, Joseph, or Felix?

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    You all are giving me so many great things to think about!

    Emsky, I also love Sylvie and Nora as well as Maggie and Nora. My husband and I both love Maggie, but don't want to use it on its own. I've loved the name Margot since I was a little kid. I'm not a fan of Margaret and Marguerite feels too stuffy to me; Magdalene too religious. My husband isn't too keen on Margot, but is considering it since he loves Maggie so much. We both like Sylvie a lot, too. I like how both names sound very different from Nora but still can "work." If Eleanor/Eleanora didn't clash with our last name, Nora's full name would probably be one of those. I love Amelia, Fiona and Tess - suggested all those when I was pregnant with Nora; husband vetoed all. It's so funny you said Tess; it was my mom's favorite. I LOVE Henry but a close friend of mine has a son named Henry.

    scarlettsensibility, I have ALWAYS loved Bridget! It would be absolutely perfect with Nora, but, again, it clashes with my last name (both end in 't'). Because I love it so much, I had kept it on my list for a while as Bridget Elise or Bridget Eliza, but, I know realistically, I wouldn't be able to go through it. I'm considering putting Beatrix on my list (nn Bea, rhymes with Leah) to fulfill that 'B' name desire I have. I am teetering between Lucas and Luca, both with the nn Luke. I love Liam but it's getting too popular. I really like the sound of Oliver, but I HATE Ollie and I feel like it would be inevitable that people would call him that since Oliver could be seen as rather long to be said on a daily basis. I've never been a fan of Felix and I'm not sure why since it seems like it SHOULD be a name I would like. Daniel and Joseph are both strong male names (which I like), but I grew up with a ton so they're a little bland to me.

    It's so funny you say Darth Vader, missmolly! That's exactly what my husband says. I LOVE Ramona and Susanna! However, I don't really think I'm digging "Nora and Mona" together; seems too close, don't you think? As for Susanna - it's actually on my list towards the bottom. It sparked my interest when I heard the nickname Zanna. I adore it! However, I'm not so sure I really love Susanna. It feels too "goody goody" to me or something. I feel like I'd be choosing it just because of the nickname. I actually liked Griffin and had Finn as the nickname but it both are getting a little too popular.
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