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    What about Lissy or Lista for a nickname for Calista? It seems more natural and a tad less teasable/over the top feminine.

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    I think Freya Richard is fine. Probably every name becomes a tongue-twister when you say it fast, so that's a silly argument against it.
    I don't care for the nn Cissy, but I suppose it works. I would choose Callie for Calista, if anything.

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    Freya Richard isn't a tongue twister to me. What about Freya Orchard?

    Lissy does seem more intuitive than Cissy. Cissy is cute for a little girl, but not really a teenager. The spelling Cissy instead of Kissy would be confusing when written at an older age. I understand why you'd spell in Cissy, but it might lead to problems. I think Cissy is adorable though.

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