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    Marie as a first name

    Lately I have been loving Marie. Not as a middle name, as a first name. It is a timeless name. It sounds classy and cute at the same time. It hits the sweet spot, too: not too common, but not unheard of. Marie is also a family name for me, and has some French flair to it. The only problem is that Marie is so common as a middle name that it is barely used as a first name! So do you think Marie could work as a first name? If so, what middle names could go with it?
    -Andrea ♥

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    Marie sounds very fresh as a first. If I see another girl with the middle name Marie, I'm going to lose it, but as a first Marie is spunky and classy.
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    I would love to see Marie on a little girl. I think it would be a refreshing choice.

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    Oh I adore common middles used as first names!
    Others are Anne, Rose, Faye, Louise. I have always loved Annemarie, but it sounds like Anne Murray, a Canadian folk musician.
    I knew a lady named Marie, but you're isn't used as a first name often. It was once the most popular girl's name in France, but not anymore. They use double names like Marie-Claire and Marie-Claude in France.
    I would pair Marie with another French name.
    Just don't use Antoinette!
    Hope that helps!
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    Marie is lovely. There is a history within my family, in a previous generation, of it being a first so I'm all for it.

    Some middle name suggestions:
    Marie Christine
    Marie Giselle
    Marie Delphine
    Marie Therese
    Marie Colette
    Marie Constance
    Marie Maude
    Marie Claudine
    Marie Pearl

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