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    I love the name Eden, I think it is a really pretty name. And in my mind it's not a trendy name, and I do not see it as masculine at all.
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    I like Eden. Like a few of the others, it reminds me of the Garden of Eden (which is a lovely connection, imo). I think it has the sweet nn of Edie without the more (well, to some people. I adore it, haha) frumpy Edith. It fits more with today's trends, I think. I know a little Edyn nn Edie, and she's just the cutest! I would love to meet another one with the name. For a long time, Charlotte Eden was on my own list. I still love that combo.
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    My name is Eden and nobody's ever made any rude comments to me about my name (and I have some very honest friends). Eden is predominately a girls name here in Canada. I have met 6 little girls with the name and never any boys. I go by Edie and I like the fact it's a vintage nickname. I find Edie is a cute nickname but not too cutesy. I'm fifteen and it still works for me
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    Eden is a place name, and neither inherently masculine or feminine. To me it's completely biblical, not promiscuous sounding at all!
    I wouldn't nickname it, Eden is a nice name as it is.

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    It's unisex but to me it leans masculine. I like it for both genders. I don't care for Edie

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