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    Eden for a girl (nickname Edie) - do you like this name?

    Do you like this name? If not I'd be interested to know why - because it's too masculine or because it's tacky? I've seen some comments on feeds saying it's tacky or sounds like a stripper but I don't get that from it. If you think it's tacky i'd love to know and reasons why because I definitely don't want tacky!

    Thank you!

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    I really like it actually! I think it's young and cute, but would still age fine. Nickname Edie is adorable!

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    I love the name Eden, but don't get the nickname idea. Nicknames are usually given with the first name is very long and you want to shorten it. In this case, Eden is a very short name that doesn't need a nickname. To be honest, I'm also not a fan of the name Edie at all.

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    I like Eden and only see it as female since it reminds me of Eve. I prefer it without a nickname.
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    I think the nickname Edie is cute, but I don't like Eden. It's not particularly masculine to me. I think it's the biblical place name that gets to me. I wouldn't exactly call it tacky - it's not Nevaeh! - but it's getting close IMHO.

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