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    Thoughts on the name Mavis...

    I get mostly negative comments when I mention the name Mavis, but I like it. What are your guys' thoughts?

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    I dont like it. Sounds kind of harsh to me.

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    Mavis is one of my favorite names. I adore the nicknames Maisie, May and Mave. It's a classic name that will age timelessly.

    In the Hotel Transylvania movie, the main character, a teenaged vampire, is named Mavis, and that has shaken off some of the old lady-ness of it. With similarities to Alice and Beatrice, and the rise of the similar sounding Irish Maeve, I do think Mavis is going to start joining the group of names that are 'so old they are new'.

    But there will always be haters. I know a twelve year old girl named Mabel, and when she was born her mother's family heavily criticized the choice. But, Mabel wears her name with pride. Although it is old fashioned, her spunky personality is perfect for such an unusual name. The relatives that once hated the name now love it.
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    I love it because one of the cutest little girls I've ever known was a Mavis. I'm not sure how I would feel without that association. It does have great nickname potential as mentioned above. If I met a young adult or teenager who went by Mavis I would bet she was pretty cool. It's totally vintage.

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    I don't like the sound at all unfortunately, it just sounds unattractive and harsh. I also volunteer with the elderly and there's a Mavis there... so it's always associated with an old lady for me now.
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