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    The names on his list are not too modern, they are what I would call classics. The names you like are more vintage and not as popular. Maybe there is a vintage name that you like that is increasing in popularity that he might consider. For a girl, I see that you could use Lillian and nickname her Lily. Phineas could be called the more modern, Finn. There are lots of names that could have a vintage nickname. That might be the way to go.

    Here are some names that you both might like:

    Evelyn, Evie, Eve
    Elizabeth has so many cute, vintage nicknames - Betty, Betsy, Bess, Birdie, This might be your name though? Maybe a variation of Elizabeth?
    Isabelle/Isabel/Isobel, Isabella, Bella, Bettina?

    For boys...

    Desmond, Desi, Des
    Edward, Ned
    Theodore, Theo, Teddy, Ted
    Montgomery, Monty
    Vincent, Vinnie, Vin
    Phillip, Pip

    Good luck!
    See my previous posts for a more detailed explanation, but Lillian "Lily" wouldn't work for us, and neither would the vintage names with modern nicknames. I don't like popular names at all: I grew up with a very popular name and always had several other Ellies in my classes at school and it was so annoying. When I announce my baby's name, I want people to think "Oh, that's cool" rather than "oh, another Lily" or w/e we chose. I want it to be an unusual name that not many people would share, but it has to still be a legitimate name, not madeup. I like Beatrice, but my BF would definitely not go for that. Edward was my grandfather's name, and I never met him so it would be weird to use his name I think. We hate nicknames too, we'd rather just call our child Teddy instead of Theodore, I don't see the point in a longer name if you're going to call them something else anyway.

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