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    Struggling to find any names

    I came across this site while googling ideas for baby names, so I thought I would try the forums to get help.

    I'm Ellie. I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and due November 15. We aren't finding out the sex of the baby, but my boyfriend and I literally have no idea when it comes to names. Up until actually having a baby to name, my style was very vintage, old fashioned names like Edith, Iris, and Walter, while my boyfriend's style was more traditional yet in touch with modern styles, for example Madeline, Joshua, and Thomas. We live in England, where most of the vintage names are very popular, and we want our baby's name to be different and unusual, yet a legitimate name.

    We have both made lists, but manage to veto all of the other's suggestions. Most of my vetoes were due to popularity and his were due to being "too stuffy and old fashioned". Our lists are very short though because we can't find any names we love. Neither of us are that close with our families - we get on, but we're not close enough to want to name our children after them.

    His list:
    Madeline, Amelia, Jasmine, Alice, Phoebe, Lily
    Joshua, Thomas, James, Samuel, Lucas, Oliver

    My list:
    Edith, Iris, Jane, Clara, Lillian, Penelope, Josephine
    Walter, Hugo, Phineas, Martin, Leopold (I have a cousin with a son named Leo who I see a few times a year so I wouldn't use this anyway I don't think), Henry, Hamish, Victor

    Sorry this was so long and thank you if you read all of that. I guess my question is do you any of you have any advice about how to find a name for this baby before November 15th (we want a name by the time he/she is born, we don't want to introduce the baby to the family as "Nameless"), and if not do you have any random suggestions? Seriously we'll take anything you can think of to at least consider!

    Thank you so much if you can offer any advice or suggestions, it's much appreciated!

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