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    I agree with everyone. I have so many nicknames! My dad uses one nickname and my mum uses another and my brothers use my full name. Then I have different ones for different groups of friends and I answer to them all! I think I have about 8 names that I answer to

    I think you LO won't find it confusing at all with only 2!
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    I haven't read the whole thread, so I may just be reiterating, but... My daughter "goes by" her first name. Everyone calls her by the full thing. Everyone but me. I call her by her middle name, or a nickname from it. I don't know why, and am not every sure where it started. Every now and then someone questions, especially when I just call her G. But it hasn't been a problem so far. Then again, like I said, she actually goes by her real name in every day life.

    On the other hand, she has a cousin who goes by her middle name. Well, sort of. They originally intended her to go by her first name, and so some family members still call her by her first name. They used her middle name at first as just a cute nickname (and actually she has two middle names, and they often call her by both as a double name), but as time has gone by, they are switching over to more and more of the middle instead of the first. As a baby/toddler, you almost always heard her dad say one name and her mom the other, but it's phasing to just the middle (she's almost 8). They even used to say how they would settle on the first name when she started school, but she has settled herself on the middle, and infinitely prefers it.

    So you may give her one name, and call her one name, and she may prefer... who knows!!

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    My name is Alexis and my father calls me Alex and my mom does not.
    I don't really like to be called Alex, but ya know that's the way the cookie crumbles.
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    Every person in my family calls me something different lol. Everything from Emily to Em to Emilily to Kitten lol. I always liked that each person had a separate name they called me. It was also just how I grew up so it doesn't seem odd to me. I don't think it will be an issue for you.

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    My mother calls me by my first name and my father calls me by a nickname. I think that's normal and not confusing.

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