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    My husband and I totally use 2 different nicknames for our daughter & it hasn't caused any confusion. It's not a subject that causes either of us any anger at all either, it just naturally evolved that he calls her Lenny most of the time! It started as kind of a joke cause she was so boyish & always mistaken for a boy by old ladies! It is a cute nickname, but I always use her full or a more literal nickname. No one in our life has even asked where Lenny came from as a nickname!

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    My parents call me and my brother totally different nicknames. My dad is one of those people who just makes up random nicknames as he goes along, but he does have his own that he often uses for us. My mom has her own nicknames for us and often just uses our full names. My extended families on both sides also have their own nicknames for us, and we both go by complete different ones at school. So all in all, my brother and I both have five or six nicknames that we answer to on a regular basis, and our full names as well. This has been going on since we were babies. And it's never been a problem, surprisingly!
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    I agree with everyone else, it's not a big deal. No worries!

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    We do this in our family. Most of the names on our lists have been full/formal names with cute nn's for me to use! My DH isn't a huge fan of nn's but I have always loved them and given them to everyone around me. My DH does call Penelope, Penny, but he calls the other kids by their full names nearly 90% of the time. I use nn's more than half the time-- trying to get better in this area and I have done well with our youngest kids, but the older two are "stuck" with nicknames from me.
    I guess this isn't a huge deal or really shown how it works yet on our youngest girls, but for our oldest, Scarlett -she is 11- I call her Carle (Carly) and she introduces herself as that much of the time or she'll say "My name is Scarlett, you can call me Carle" - DH calls her Scarlett makes me do a double take to hear him say Carle! She does not seem to have a problem with that at all and it hasn't caused any confusion inside or outside our home.
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    I don't think it matters. Many of my friends have nicknames from one parents, that only that parent uses, but everyone else including their other parent does call them by their full name. And never has that caused any sort of confusion, it's just how it is. It's something many people do, so I don't see it as a big deal.
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