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    One parent using a nickname while the other doesn't?

    Is this super normal or a bad idea? My husband is really into only calling the baby by its full name and I love nicknames. I know so many people have to have special nicknames only used by certain people but for some reason, it seems complicated when I imagine introducing the baby. Not enough to give up my favorite nn but has anyone dealt with this? Tips?

    I'm all for his top girl names (both M names) as long as I can use the nn Maple. He doesn't like it, though, and it doesn't bother me if he calls her by her full name. I would expect Maple to be more of a childhood nn anyway.
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    I don't think it really matters. We call my nieces by their full name and a dozen variant nicknames, and they seem to understand.
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    I don't think it's a big deal. Actually this is what my sister and her husband do with my nephew. She uses his NN. He calls him almost exclusively by his FN.

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    I think this is common. Most likely, you'll introduce her to other people by her full name and then just call her by her cute nickname yourself. Other close friends and family members may latch onto it, but they may not. It doesn't matter. People also worry that it will be confusing for the baby to be called different things, but it's really not. I call my daughter by tons of cutesy nicknames in addition to her real name and she always knows when I'm talking to her. She's 12 months old.

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    I call our girls by their nicknames but my husband almost always uses their full names. I introduce them to people using their full name but often people end up using their nicknames anyway. I think it works well
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