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    Lightbulb Struggling.

    Need advice!
    We have a 3 yr old girl named Anneke (pronounced on ah ka, a at the end is more silent :-)
    It's a European name.
    We both come from European backgrounds; Dutch and my husband was born in Czech
    We like unique names, vintage perhaps old fashioned

    Our only girl name we like at this point is Beatrice. Nn 'Bea'

    We are struggling with a boys.
    Our tops are Arlo and Levi. Or Levon non Levi but then we think why not just call him Levi.
    I feel Levi is getting very popular.
    Arlington has always been a fave.

    Now we are started to like Cassius (kash-us)
    Nn Cash.
    But not sure i like the reference to Cassius clay.

    Thoughts ?
    Anneke and Beatrice I think go lovely together.
    Anneke and Arlo too.
    Not sure on the others.

    Due in September and gender is unknown.
    Please help!

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