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    @jasmine.lee -- Aw, I think a little Gideon would be really cute too! I love how you described Della as bright and sunny. That's how it feels to me too, but I had not thought of a way to capture that in words, so thanks.
    Your welcome!
    Jude, blackbird.

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    Simeon or Gideon I like Gideon slightly better. I would pick Simon over Simeon and maybe over Gideon.
    Gideon or Gable? I like Gable slightly better: Gideon is also nice.
    Malachi or Mordecai? I much prefer Malachi. I like the nickname Mal, I would prefer Malcolm to both.
    Hugh or Hugo? I love both. Hugh is a family name, classic and not as used. Hugo is trendier and the of Ron and Hermione's son.
    Cobalt or Roan? Neither. Both are too out there for me.
    Will or Shale? Will. I would like it better with some kind of formal name, William, Willem, Wilfred, Wilson, etc.

    Willa or Della? Della! It's on my own favorite's list. Willa has never appealed to me.
    Willa or Willow? Willow! I love the nature name aspect and it sounds prettier to me.
    Adelaide or Adeline? Both are great. I prefer Adelaide since I am part German. It's on my own favorites list. Adeline has the song.
    Lilac or Lark? A hard choice. I like both. I will pick Lark, since Lilac is likely to be confused with trendy Lila.
    Fern or Wren? Fern. Wren is a name nerd darling, but I think Fern is more classic. Also since I went with Lark I'll go with Fern. I would use Fern and Lark or Lilac and Wren or one plant, one bird. Lilac and Wren seems more trendy to me.
    Moriah or Sarai? Sarai Both names are likely to be confused with similar sounds but Moriah will be mixed up with Mariah.
    Melora or Moriah? Melora I love Mel names
    Marilla or Marcella? Marcella seems slightly fresher to me. Marilla I love with nickname Rilla, but I am not sure it is usable.
    Cadence or Carys? Carys by a mile! Cadence is trendy and there is some music nerd joke my cousins made about it. Carys is a classic.
    Ruby or Pearl? Ruby! I love both, but Ruby sounds less country to me.
    Delaney or Connelly? Delaney, but neither are my style. Connelly could grow on me.
    Eliora or Eleni (prn. Ah-LAY-knee)? Eleni! Simpler is better in this case.
    Annika or Azalea? Annika. It's spunkier and less out there.
    Verity or Vivienne? Verity. It's just more my style.
    Eliza or Elsa? Not sure. Right now I'll go with Eliza.

    Hazel or Gable? I love Gable while Hazel I'm more meh on. Plus Hazel is more popular.
    Ruby or Reuben? Ruby! Reuben seems more country to me. Ruby is more sophisticated.
    Cadence or Kenyon? Kenyon. I dislike Cadence. and I like Ken as a nickname.

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    Simeon or Gideon? - Neither for me
    Gideon or Gable? - Neither
    Malachi or Mordecai? - Mordecai
    Hugh or Hugo? - Hugh
    Cobalt or Roan? - Roan, I suppose but I'd prefer Rowan
    Will or Shale? -Will. Shale should not be used as a name imo

    Willa or Della? - Willa
    Willa or Willow? - Willa
    Adelaide or Adeline? - Neither, please.
    Lilac or Lark? - Lark
    Fern or Wren? - Wren
    Moriah or Sarai? - No, neither
    Melora or Moriah? - Melora!
    Marilla or Marcella? - Marcella
    Cadence or Carys? -Cadence
    Ruby or Pearl? - Neither
    Delaney or Connelly? -Neither
    Eliora or Eleni (prn. Ah-LAY-knee)? -Neither
    Annika or Azalea? -I like both
    Verity or Vivienne? - Vivienne
    Eliza or Elsa? - Neither

    Girls/boys (The name on the left I would use for a girl, the name on the right I would use for a boy. I just couldn't use both.):
    Hazel or Gable? - Neither
    Ruby or Reuben? - Reuben
    Cadence or Kenyon? - Cadence
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    Thank you for the feedback emilyva and njordv!

    @emilyva: That is a good perspective on Hugh! I had not thought about it being the less trendy of the two.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Gideon (pronunciation issue with Simeon)
    Gideon (Gable reminds me of.'gobble' or Anne of green gables)
    Malachi (Mordecai sounds too dark and ominous. Reminds me of Uruk-hai)
    Hugo (has more substance)
    Roan (very interesting, I like how it is original and simple at the same time)
    Will (I knew a female Shale so my opinion is skewed)

    Willow (less flimsy sounding to me)
    Adeline (I love the 'line' sound at the end of names)
    Lilac (love the flower, its interesting yet still relatable, Lark just hasn't grown on me as a first name yet)
    Fern & Wren (tie, I would choose Wren, but I still love Fern. There is more likely to be a spike in Wren's popularity in the near future though)
    Moriah (pronunciation issues with Sarai)
    Melora (prefer the flow of the name)
    Marcella (I love the name Marcel, and the female version is very pretty and melodic)
    Cadence (not sure about Carts, and love musical association with Cadence)
    Delaney (not sure about Connie as a nickname, which will most likely happen no matter how much you're against or for it)
    Annika (love this name, I would use it, but I find it too similar to my own)
    Vivienne (Verity is another one that just hasn't grown on me)
    Eliza (has more spunk)


    Lovely list!

    Lovely list!

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