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    Gideon again
    Roan - Cobalt is way too trendy
    Will - I'm not much of a word-name person

    Della - prettier and more interesting by a mile
    Wren - By a hair, though. I quite like both.
    Moriah - Same as above
    Moriah again
    Marilla - Again, by a hair!
    Carys - By a LOT. I can't stand the trendy sound of Cadence.
    Ruby - But I dislike the sounds of both.
    Delaney - But I kind of loathe both.
    Eliora - Gorgeous.
    Azalea - LOVE.
    Vivienne - But I think Vivian feels more streamlined and less pretentious
    Eliza - Love it.

    Girls/boys (The name on the left I would use for a girl, the name on the right I would use for a boy. I just couldn't use both.):
    Hazel - Fantastic.
    Reuben - Oooh, I'd forgotten how much I like Reuben.
    Kenyon - Because I dislike Cadence slightly more.
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    Thank you all for the feedback! This is really helping me!

    @jasmine.lee -- Aw, I think a little Gideon would be really cute too! I love how you described Della as bright and sunny. That's how it feels to me too, but I had not thought of a way to capture that in words, so thanks.
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    @lizgingermitch: Your post made me smile so much. Thank you for the great feedback!

    I am glad you like Gable! It is always fun to find new names you love.
    And you like Shale and Kenyon too -- yay! And I love how you described Lark...I am going to write that as a note on my name list.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Simeon or Gideon? - Gideon but if it had been the regular old Simon spelling, I would have chosen that
    Gideon or Gable? - Gideon because I'm not a fan of the name Gable. Reminds me of a telephone cable.
    Malachi or Mordecai? - Malachi because for some reason, Mordecai makes me think of an evil henchman
    Hugh or Hugo? - Hugo, I just don't like the way Hugh sounds
    Cobalt or Roan? - I don't really like either
    Will or Shale? - I've always loved Will

    Willa or Della? - don't know, it just has more spunk imo
    Willa or Willow? - I'm a Buffy fan
    Adelaide or Adeline? - I like both but Adelaide is a bit more mainstream
    Lilac or Lark? - I've never liked the name Lark on a girl
    Fern or Wren? - Fern is just so sweet
    Moriah or Sarai? - I'm not a fan of either
    Melora or Moriah? - Would have been Moriah if it had been spelled Mariah
    Marilla or Marcella? - Marilla just sounds fresher
    Cadence or Carys? - I've always liked the name Carys
    Ruby or Pearl? - Pearl is just too old lady for me
    Delaney or Connelly? - Neither are my style, but I especially hate Connelly
    Eliora or Eleni (prn. Ah-LAY-knee)? - nms
    Annika or Azalea? - I LOVE Annika
    Verity or Vivienne? - They're both kind of meh
    Eliza or Elsa? - Eliza is okay, I just hate the name Elsa

    Girls/boys (The name on the left I would use for a girl, the name on the right I would use for a boy. I just couldn't use both.):
    Hazel or Gable? - Neither are really my style
    Ruby or Reuben? - I just love the name Reuben
    Cadence or Kenyon? - I don't like either, but Kenyon sounds better
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    @geeknamezyo: Thanks for the input! Your feedback just made me think about Reuben and Will as brothers. I love how they sound together!

    @redrobin: Thank you for the feedback! I am glad you think Marilla sounds fresh! I think it comes off as old-ladyish to some.

    If anyone else wants to weigh in, I would love more feedback! You Berries are amazing.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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