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    I like Joseph, Patrick and Thomas.

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    Thank you for your comments.

    Harold is too old for our liking.

    Harry is the only name we could agree on as Harrison is a family name and Huw we like but were unusre if he would get picked on because of this name.

    Tobias - This name is out as I have a angel little boy called this.
    Micah, Mateo, Sawyer - I know my boyfriend will say these are weird due to us liking kinda old but still nice names.
    George - I do love this but I cant use it a friend has a child called this name.
    Nicolas - I dont like Nicolas but I like Nicholas. - Could be a possible middle name.
    Ezra - This is too old.
    Bernard - Bernard is too old.
    Jerome - Jermone is too weird.

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    Joseph, Patrick, and Thomas all work well with Amy-Louise as they strike me as being popular when Amy was popular but also have the classical feel of Louise. My favorite of those those 3 is Joseph Patrick.
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