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    Petition to add more names to berry taste

    Hear me out!

    Voting for names I like more was always being my favorite activity. I recently discovered The Berry Taste. I may be wrong on actual name of activity, but I adore it.

    If any berries have problem find a Berry Taste... just click on Alice...

    And below name description, you will be asked if you prefer Alice or Ellie. You could chose to skip that one.

    Who would like to vote on more names? I would.

    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Yes I always vote, I find it really fun!
    I agree, more names to compare please nameberry.

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    Yes, I too find it fun educational and enlightening!

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    I would! It's so interesting!
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    I agree!

    Also, I think the poll needs to be edited so you can only vote once. The results are probably skewed because people can vote as many times as that set of names comes up.
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