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    Hazel or Aveline -- Hazel. I like both of these names, but Hazel is just so sweet and charming!
    Susannah or Liliana -- Susannah. Liliana is beautiful, but I prefer Susannah for its simplicity and quieter beauty.
    Adela or Alice -- Adela. I love the "del" sound!
    Antoinette or Antonia -- Antonia by far. Antoinette is pretty, but its too tied to Marie. Antonia is very regal, and strong, and beautiful.
    Georgina or Georgiana -- Georgiana. Georgina always sounds a little pinched to me or something. Georgiana is elegant.
    Felicity or Gwyneth -- Felicity. Light and happy!
    Nicole or Nicolette -- Nicole. Nicolette sounds heavy to me.
    Sophie or Dara -- Tough one...Dara because it sounds more sophisticated compared to the sweet and cute Sophie.
    Jane or Jenica -- Jane by far. Very simple and elegant and has the great Jane Eyre association.
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    Hazel or Aveline - Aveline. I really like Hazel too, but I love Aveline. It's so elegant.
    Susannah or Liliana - Susannah. I just like it more anyway, but it also has the advantage of being the name of my friend's lovely little sister (without the -h).
    Adela or Alice - Alice. I just love Alice.
    Antoinette or Antonia - Antonia. Not really a fan of either, but I prefer this to Antoinette. It just reminds me of Marie Antoinette, who was beheaded.
    Georgina or Georgiana - Georgiana. Because it's my favourite girl's name ever!
    Felicity or Gwyneth - Felicity. I've always loved Felicity, it only got chucked off my list because I love Felix even more for a boy.
    Nicole or Nicolette - Nicole. I just don't like Nicolette.
    Sophie or Dara - Sophie. Dara is a boy's name.
    Jane or Jenica - Jane. I love Jane and Jenica sounds made-up.
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    Hazel or Aveline - I'm just really not a fan of Hazel, I don't see the attraction in it at all. Aveline isn't really my cup of tea either but I do prefer it.
    Susannah or Liliana - although I find the h unnecessary, I like it better. I don't like -ana names at all, I find them very nasally.
    Adela or Alice - Prefer Adele, but I think it's a pretty name. Alice I just find a bit bland tbh.
    Antoinette or Antonia - I met a gorgeous little Antonia a few years ago and she made me fall in love with the name. I also find Antoinette quite tied to Marie Antoinette, and a bit clunky.
    Georgina or Georgiana - Again, I dislike -ana names, and the jor-jay-na prn just sounds awkward to me. Georgina is a classic and I love nn Georgie.
    Felicity or Gwyneth - Neither, I'm sorry. Never liked Felicity, it feels a bit sissy to me and Gwyneth just looks and sounds unattractive.
    Nicole or Nicolette - This is solely based on people I know, the two Nicolettes I've met were lovely people.
    Sophie or Dara - It's my name, so I'm biased, but I prefer Daria to Dara as Dara reminds me of the horrible girl in Finding Nemo (Darla)
    Jane or Jenica - It feels like a modernised version of Jennifer that is nicer than Jenna, and while Jane is a classic it got overused as a middle name.

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    Hazel - Aveline reminds me of those trendy Ava/Eva names.
    Liliana - I love both, but Liliana is slightly sweeter to me.
    Alice - One of my favorite names ever.
    Antonia - Antoinette is nice but a little too frilly for my taste, and reminds me of Marie.
    Georgina - Sounds sweeter than Georgiana.
    Felicity - This name sounds so happy!
    Nicole - I guess I'm biased, because my name is Nicole. But I just really don't like the other Nicole variants (Nicolette, Nicola, Nicolasa, etc). They don't sound feminine to me.
    Sophie - Dara is a Persian male name. It's my friend's dad's name, so I only think of him lol.
    Jane - Jenica sounds made up, Jane is classic and sweet.

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