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    What makes a name feel trendy?

    This is obviously a subjective question...what's the difference between trendy and popular? What makes a name feel super-trendy and, eventually, dated?

    Is the difference between popular/on trend/timely and trendy marked by the sharpness in the rise on the SSA charts?

    Eg, I was looking at two popularity charts for names that are growing in popularity: Asher and Ezra. Asher was #108 and Ezra #184 in the US last year. So not far apart, right? But Asher SHOT up from the 900s range just in the last 10 years, while Ezra has been climbing more steadily since the '70s. Is that why Asher feels so much more trendy to me? Or why Ava, which came up from the bottom of the charts only since the '90s, feels more trendy than Emily, which has been in the top 200 ever since the SSA charts existed?

    Or, is it whether a name has history and namesakes behind it, rather than being a totally NEW name? EG, Mason and Madison feel like they are going to be dated in 20 years, but Sophia, Isabella, Emma and Jacob and William, less so. But all of those are current top 10 names.

    Also, how in the world is it that a new baby Isaiah makes me worry that it's getting trendy, but his toddler brother Joshua makes me think "oh, I haven't heard of a little baby Josh lately", though actually Joshua is #17 and Isaiah #42? Is it because Joshua has been very popular for the past 40 yrs, while Isaiah has been climbing more recently?

    Obviously, this is a pertinent question for those of us wanting to avoid the "it" names of the next 10 do you predict which names will be trendy, or differentiate between a name that's popular (yet still classic, solid) and one that's trendy and will be dated?

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