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    Middle name for Philippa

    I've liked Philippa nn Pippa for a while now,but I'm completely clueless when coming up with mns! I mean, I've searched online and on the boards of nameberry as a lurker for a while, but nothing has really made me go "wow, that's gorgeous!" Philippa Violet and Philippa Aurelie are nice, but it lacks that wow factor that I'm looking for. I'm not expecting yet, but this is something that is really bugging me and I would really appreciate some help!
    I like British sounding names like Iona Caroline Catherine and Isaac Geoffrey, but I dont live in the UK so it would be a little hard to pull off something a little more out there. I'm open to all suggestions, but I'd prefer Philippa to have a more 'normal' middle name, but still a little more unexpected than Marie or Anne.
    I'm really sorry for the lecture and my crazy rules, but i hope some of you berries are up for a challenge!
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    Re: Middle name for Philippa

    In the first post I forgot to mention that I like 2 middle names and nature/flower names but you guys still came up with some great suggestions! Philippa Sinclair really popped out at me (I think that one's my favorite), and I really like Philippa paired with Carys, Opal, Giselle, and Lilias.
    Thanks for the quick replies! I'm still open to suggestions, but those will definetely be added to my list.
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    Name musings: Matteo, Hattie, Felicity, Miles, August, Cora, Elinor, Georgia, and Primrose

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    I adore Philippa too!
    Here are some of my favourite combinations:
    Philippa Alice
    Philippa Beatrix
    Philippa Hermione
    Philippa Penelope
    Philippa Juliet (loving PJ as a possible nn)
    Philippa Emmeline (similar to Amelie and an English name but not hard to pull off)
    Philippa Harriet
    Philippa Caroline
    Best of luck! Hope you like some of these.

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