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    Due in 1 week with Baby #2!! Final name HELP!

    As I near my due date I'm having second thoughts about names! I had decided on Isabel Rosalie since finding out the sex, but now I'm not really feeling Rosalie. So, please help me!! I'm considering Isabel Alejandra.. or totally new suggestions..

    1. I want to stick to Spanish names that are still useable as a Caucasian. I am white and her daddy is Colombian.

    2. I prefer vintage-y names that have a cute nickname (ex: Isabel=Izzy, Sophie=Fifi)

    3. I would like it to have some form of her dad's name in it, his name is Alejandro nn Alex.

    4. Is Alejana (Al-E-hawn-uh) usable or too made up sounding?

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    Well I consider Luna to be very spanish sounding and Lulu is about as cute a nn as you can get! Fifi and Lulu!!!

    So I would consider Luna Alejandra. I know the A's run into each other a lil but have different sounds. Luna Isabel is lovely also!

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    I think you can't have both vintage name and points 3# and 4#.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I love Isabel Alejandra more.



    Alejana sounds a little bit made up to my ears, but I think it's usable.
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    I think Isabel Rosalie is absolutely stunning! I had cold feet a few weeks before my due date too... It may just be this! I like suggestion of Luna Isabel too.... or how about Lucia Isabel? I must say i'm a big fan of Isadora.. Prefer it to Isabel. Isadora Rosalie is pretty. Camila Isabel nn mila is also very pretty or Clara Isabel...

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