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Thread: Madden?

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    What do you think of this? I heard it just today and I think its such a nice name- it fits with the names that a common now, 2 syllable names ending with the -en sound, but it's not typically heard of. It's a legitimate name, not made up, which I like as well. Opinions??
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    It's legitimate as a surname, yes. As a first name, it's a newcomer. It also has two very trendy sounds in the name, making it a trendy name itself; it has Mad- at the beginning (Madison, Madelyn, Maddox) and -en at the end (-aden, etc.).

    Personally, I don't care for it. It sounds way too much like maddening and I don't like the John Madden association. I prefer most of the names in your sig to Madden.
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    It is very different from your style listed in your signature, all of which I like much better than trend-following Madden.

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    I used to know a guy named Madden. He'd be in his early 20s now. It suited him, although Madden has always reminded me of "maddening."

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    It's one of my guilty pleasures, for a girl or a boy. I love the sound.
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