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    Namespotting: Jessimae - WDYT?

    So I'm watching some tv on the couch and I spied a young female comedian named Jessimae on MTV.

    It's a smoosh I've never heard before but I like the sound of it. It's pretty and feminine and there's something fresh but familiar about it.

    What do you guys think of Jessimae?

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    I had an great-aunt name Jessie Mae, so it's a bit old fashioned and familiar to me.

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    I don't know why, but this name seems really southern belle to me, which is not a bad thing. That's just all I can think when I see the name.
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    Agree with pp, it does sound belle-esque, so it's not really my style. Has a nice sound however.
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    Firstly, I LOVE GIRL CODE.

    Secondly, I like Jessimae so long as it's pronounced like an actual name (i.e. Jessamay) and not like the smoosh it is.

    Jessimae (pronounced like there is an actual space between the two names) just feels old-fashioned and overly Southern.

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