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    María José: that is the way to spell it correctly but I guess it could work without the accents and it is pronounced mah-ree-ah ho-seh well I tried my best to try to explain how it is supposed to be said

    I was almost named this and ever since I have loved it specially the fact that José María is a boy's name, so do you think this name would be too hard to pronounce and should the accents stay or go? I am of hispanic origin so I don't really have a problem with the last name not really matching or anything

    Itziar (ee-tsee-ahr) From the name of a Basque village which contains an important shrine to the Virgin Mary, possibly meaning "old stone" and I hope the way I sort of spelt the pronounciation makes sense!

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    A lot of my Catholic French-Candaian ancestors have double names--one male. one female, e.g., Marie-Joseph(t)(e) or (much less common) Joseph-Marie for a boy. I think they just honored the saints most important to them, regardless of gender.

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    I think its a lovely name - and I don't think it's too difficult to pronounce :-)

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