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    Could this boys name work for us?

    DH has always loved River for a boy and though i love it I had initially dismissed it as its very at odds with our little girl Matilda's name. However I can't stop thinking about the name of late...I've been thinking that the names could potentially work together as we are hoping to have a few siblings for Matilda (2 or 3!) and I think they could work with some other names we love in the mix... I've been thinking Matilda, River, Wolfe and Aurora work well together as siblings... What do you think?

    So wondering...what are your thoughts on River... Is it usable/too limiting? Too at odds with Matilda?? What would YOU name siblings of Matilda & River?


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    It is a tiny bit at odds with just the two names, but I really like your potential set of four!

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    Matilda & Aurora seem like quite a different style to River & Wolfe.. Romantic and feminine for your girls, rugged nature names for your boys..

    But it's only fair to subsequent children to use the names you love the most so I say go for it!

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    I really like Matilda and River as siblings! Stylistically, they're quite different, but I still like them together. I think it works. My first thought for their siblings are Liv/Olive/Olivia/Livia (or even Lavinia, nn Liv?) and Clementine for girls, and oddly enough, Pascal for a boy. I think Matilda, River, Clementine, and Pascal would be amazing. Although I don't know why. haha. I think the nns Emmy (or even Cleo) and Cal would be really cool with Tilly and River.
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    Honestly, I don't think it matters if it 'matches' your other kids' names. If you want a Matilda and a River, nothing should stop you. Having nice sibsets is nice, but not nearly as important as having all of your children names things that you love and are happy with.
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