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    2nd pp. As nice as matching names are, I think its important to look at each child individually. Give them a name that suits them, not because it goes with their sister. Sibling names don't have to match, just as their personalities often don't.
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    I have always loved the name River. And even though its a name I can see on both sexes, I definitely prefer it on a boy. I agree that Matilda is so vintage-chic and River is kind of hippie-ish...but sometimes sib sets don't always have to be so matchy matchy. I think River and Matilda would actually sound great together.

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    Matilda and River are different but it works as a lot of people use different styles for boys and girls. I think your set of four works even though I don't like all the names.
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    I think River is fine. Mathilda just makes me think of Australia, and River is geographical, so it works! In any case, your kids are individuals, so matching names don't matter too much.

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    I actually think Matilda and River fit each other quite nicely! They are both strong, slightly quirky, and feature the long "i" sound. I really like them together!

    As for names for future siblings..
    Matilda, River, & Adelaide
    Matilda, River, & Ivy

    I'm having trouble coming up with good boys names at the moment, but I think Wolfe takes the sib-set too far in the nature-y direction which seems to be part of your problem with River and Matilda not matching. I could be wrong on that though.
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