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    What girl names do you like with the last name Hefty?

    I kind of like names that also start with an H or end with an ie or y. Any ideas?

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    These are great! Thank you so much! My husband and I both like Hermione or Hermia or Hermie for short but worried about the poor kid later...are we crazy?

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    I actually think H names should be out- Hefty is an adjective, and names like Hermia Hefty sound like a cartoon. It sounds like a cruel nickname kids would give to an overweight kid in their class. Non H- names lessen this effect, and make the difficult surname a bit more workable. In my opinion, -e ending names are not ideal with this surname either, but if you're insistent, I like these:

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    I think Hermione Hefty works beautifully. Do you have a middle name picked out? Or are you going without one? Hermie and Hermia are adorable! I am a big nicknamer. If you are unsure about Hermione I would suggest finding a few more names that you like as well and trying them out.

    A lot of people on nameberry are not fans of breaking naming rules about alliteration, similar name endings, or syllable counts but make sure you and your husband use a name that you both love. Rules are made to be broken and many people in my life who I think have the best names have names that break the "rules". A lot of people probably read your post and decided not to comment because you have a different naming style from them. I think that's silly. There are a million names in the world and I think it's fun to help someone find the name that feels special and right to them. Naming a child is fun in theory but since getting pregnant myself I have realized how truly difficult it can be for the parent. I hope you are able to find one that you and your husband both believe is the BEST name for your baby in the end the only opinions that REALLY matter are yours. Good luck! If you want more suggestions just let us Berries know which names have the feel you are comfortable with (or which names you aren't a fan of) and we will try to find more names for you that fit your style.

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