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    New boys names? (Unusual/Quirky!)

    Since discovering my second favorite boys name, is far too similar to my top girls name. (Evander and Lavender), I find myself in need of a new boys name combination. I still love the Combo of Evander Alcott, but I would use Lavender first at this point, and wouldn't want to risk using Evander at the chance of ever using Lavender. It's a bit crushing, because I always thought if I had two boys, I'd get my Evander (nn Anders), so I worked hard to perfect the combo, my favorite author, along with a way to honour the father Andrew, with the nn Anders.
    So! There's all the names in my signature you can use make combinations, except for Lachlan Alexander (that's the top!) Plus I'll just post my random list of boys names I've had saved for awhile. (Keep family names as middles only!) Please feel free to suggest anything, we definitely like boys names that are clear cut boys names with very few exceptions!)

    Maxim (Family name)
    Harrison (This is too long to go with the 3 syllable last name I think)
    Rafferty (Rafe)
    Walter (Family Name)
    Philip (Family Name)
    Shawn (Family Name)

    I'm not even sure what you would consider my style, it's honestly a bit of everywhere! Definitely something more unique and unusual! (For the Aussie berries, where my #1 name, is also #1, it's basically unheard of here in Canada! Only about 15 born each year where I live out of 50,000+ babies!)

    Officially Trying for Baby Number One!

    Rough n Tumble
    Lachlan Alexander // Evander Alcott
    // Bennett // Dresden // Philip

    Pretty in Pink
    Lavender Irene // Philippa Maple // Bonnie // Pamela Joy
    Linnea Pearl // Corisande Fable // Odessa Faye // Marigold Ellen

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