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    Axel or Alexander? Middle names?

    We are having trouble choosing a name for baby boy #2. We like Axel (the meaning, Scandinavian heritage, and uniqueness), but are wondering if it is too different. On the other spectrum, we like Alexander (meaning, and possibility for nicknames; either Alex or Xander), but the name is very common.

    Regarding middle names we like the idea of having something different and unique, and we like it that way because middles aren't often shared/know. Some middle names on the table are: Cannon (meaning man of the church, not the weapon), Bane (or something similar like Kane, Zane, etc), Grant, & Ford but we aren't really loving any of the combinations and feel stuck.

    I know the middle names especially won't suit everyone and that's ok, but curious for thoughts or ideas on combos. It doesn't help pregnancy hormones mess with likes/dislikes...

    Also, our last name starts with H, is 3 syllables and very common.


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    Alexander Ford is a handsome combination

    Of Axel and Alexander, I definitely prefer Alexander. I do have a fondness for Aksel (which is the most common spelling of Axel here) though.
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    I prefer Axel over Alexander since it's been quite popular since at least the 80s. If you do decide to go with Axel, I'm not sure another word name like Cannon, Bane, Grant, or Ford would work since he sounds more like a thing and not a person.

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    I think that naming him Alexander and using Axel as a nickname might be a compromise so that you can use both.

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    Axel is definitely becoming more familiar, it's gotten some exposure recently as a celebrity baby name, I like it, (and this may be my problem b/c my mind is in the gutter but it sounds similar to a bad word that starts with a to me so there is possible teasing potential, I just wanted to point that out). Alexander is one of my favorite boys names. It may be more common but that's because it is a stone cold classic, like Elizabeth or James. I guess what matters is which way you want to go stylistically.
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